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In a nutshell

Links Fantasy is an online game that is linked to the PGA Tour calendar. It takes your golf scores, combines them with the final round scores of two PGA Tour pros of your choosing, and engages in match play against all other entrants for a share of the purse! There are multiple divisions, so you are always playing against players of similar skill levels.

It's the next generation of fantasy golf. Links Fantasy puts you in the game with the pros.

Easy as 1-2-3

1. Create your account. Only Links Fantasy members are eligible for winnings in our events. All you need to sign up is an email and a few other personal details.

2. Enter an event. Links Fantasy events are linked to PGA Tour stops. You purchase entries on your personal dashboard after you login to your account. On the weekend of your event, you'll get to pick two PGA pros from all those who made the cut: these will be your teammates for our tournament. Links Fantasy will send you an email following the cut in the PGA Tour event prompting you to make your selection.

3. Play some golf. Every time you play, make sure to visit your dashboard and simply post your gross score on all 18 holes to get in the game. Then either assign the round to an entry you already have or purchase a new entry.

Current Events

To be announced this summer.


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