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Just like you, we are just a bunch of guys who love the game and we found a way to expand all the fun we have with the game.

It turns out some of us also make a living in the technology industry and started thinking of all the possibilities. We saw an opportunity to use the power of the smartphones in our hands to make our golf lives easier, more competitive and more fun.

We happen to be guys who like to make a wager or multiple wagers when we step on to the first tee. We found ourselves using the erasers on our pencils way too much during and after the round. We set out to create a product that allows the scorer to set up all the games and then let the computers do the work – error free. No more being “pencil whipped” in the 19th hole. In truth, what we really found was that most errors made by scorers were just that, innocent errors. It is so much easier now to just get the results, settle up and get to the post round beverages.

Once we got some basic sidegames installed for use by individual foursomes, we started thinking about the possibilities of expanding this fun to golfers all across the country. We then took our dreaming a bit farther and created a platform to run events on a national basis. The result is that golfers can not only track their own sidegames, they can now enter a national tournament every time they go to the golf course and win merchandise regardless of their skill level. How cool is that?

We look forward to seeing you in our tournaments and look forward to hearing from you. Contact us with any questions, suggestions, or comments.


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