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Q: Do I have to have a handicap to enter the tournaments?

A: No. We calculate a Links Fantasy Tournament Handicap for you based on that day’s play. The tournament handicap employs a modified handicap system that takes into account the course rating of the tees you played from that day as well as your score as it relates to that rating.

Q: Do I compete with everybody in the country?

A: No. You compete against players that scored in a similar range to you. A typical division breakdown would be:
  • 10 over course rating and under
  • 11 to 20 over course rating
  • 21 to 30 over course rating
  • 31 over course rating and up

Q: How are tournament divisions determined?

A: We take the total number of entries that have handicaps and divide them into groups of approximately the same size. Each division has an equal share of the overall purse.

Q: How do I get a sidegame added to those offered in the app?

A: We have made an effort to give players the basics of gaming in golf, but are certainly open to expanding the offering of sidegames. Please contact us via email with a name and description of your game and we will consider adding that game.

In the interim we have provided a sort of wildcard for scoring different games in supplying the Other #1, 2 &3 to be used by the scorer to award points as desired on each hole. You will notice that there are other named specials (i.e. greens and fairways) that are scored as a single point just like Other #1,2 & 3 – these could be used by scorers as wildcards as well.

Q: How does the Average Score field work?

A: A player without a handicap can put in what they believe to be their average score on the course they are playing that day and the system will assign them a handicap for the day. The handicap is calculated as being 95% of the difference between the average score and the course rating from the tees being played that day.

Average score allows the player to compete in sidegames that day, but the associated handicap will not be used in the national tournament. Tournament play will be based on a handicap calculated using the Peoria system.

Q: Can plus handicaps play in the tournament?

A: Yes.

Q: How do I claim my winnings?

A: Your winning are automatically credited to your account. You may submit a request to cash out your winnings at any time. You will be required to fill out the necessary personal information requested on the claim form prior to receiving payment.


Screen Name
Take advantage of putting in a short nickname in this field that makes them easy to uniquely identify them on your scorecard. If you play with two people named Scott, you want to be able to easily differentiate them on you card.
Check Handicaps
The best time to check handicaps is when you set up your group. Tap the i and change the handicap to start the game.
Sliding of Screens
Many features of the app are accessed in the scorecard view through sliding the screens with your finger either vertically or horizontally. Example: going from Front 9 to Back 9
The basic app includes tracking for three basic stats (putts, greens & fairways) that can help the player set simple goals for improvement.
It is best to match the highest handicap player with the lowest handicap player in team games to equalize the competition.


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