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Our software eliminates sandbaggers and cheaters.

  • Every player is scored using the proprietary Links Fantasy handicap system even if they have an existing USGA handicap.
  • The Links Fantasy handicap system has a proprietary stroke control system that modifies any unusual individual hole scores.
  • Calculating the handicap for the event is done by selecting 6 random holes for every entry made and converting that into a 18 hole handicap. Selection of the random holes by the system is only done after an individual entry has been submitted.
  • There are certain events that call for randomly selecting scores to be counted. Those holes are also selected only after entry has been submitted.
  • Sandbaggers don’t know what their handicap will be and have no way to manipulate their play to their advantage.
  • The match play nature of our events create 18 different scoring opportunities, which makes it statistically impossible to game the system.
  • As a further precaution to guard the field against high volume players, we limit the number of entries in each event.

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